1.000 and more ways to enhance your system.

More room. Greater safety. Better organisation. You can maximise the functionality of your racking system with a choice of over 1,000 accessories. Perfectly organised into even the tiniest corner? Mobile and nevertheless perfectly organised? No problem at all with workbenches, vices, tool holders and a whole range of small but extremely practical organization aids. No mobile workshop can do without a power supply for electric tools, workplace lighting and a laptop, either. These accessories can increase the convenience of every vehicle racking system in small or big ways and increase your overall cost-efficiency.

Optimal addition for your mobile workshop

You get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • The ability to respond flexibly to your customer’s needs. 
  • Independence from your home-base workshop or office facilities. 
  • Mobility and perfect organisation. 
  • You can work efficiently. 
  • You will make a professional impression when dealing with your customers.

Easy-Box-Series –

the case and box portfolio

We developed the Easy-Box series in order to make your everyday work much easier and provide the best possible support for your daily business activities. For tools, consumables or a wide range of accessories: The ALUCA case and box portfolio offers you various different stowage options for your equipment, and makes sure that it is all safely packed away and protected against damage during transport.

The benefits for your daily work:
  • Optimal overview of your entire working materials in the vehicle racking system 
  • Quicker access to contents and greater efficiency of working procedures 
  • Cases and boxes can be combined with each other to meet the specific requirements of various different industry sectors

the new mobile power supply unit

With the Zeliox mobile power supply unit, you always have the power you need whenever and wherever you need it – in company vehicles, construction trailers and office containers. We have the ideal models for all power output requirements: from 1600 W to 3000 W with storage battery packs with capacities from 1.3 kWh to 5.2 kWh.

  • Easily installed in only a couple of minutes, thanks to the all-in-one solution with an integrated lithium battery pack, inverter and protection system 
  • The lithium battery is recharged while you drive via the vehicle’s electrical system or solar modules
  • Charged – the units are immediately ready to deliver the power you need 
  • Constant connectivity: The ZELIOX ECO App displays the battery charge level, power consumption and charging information.

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