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We listen to our customers. This is why we are familiar with many of the demands expressed by your trade or industry segment. Listening to you also helps us to understand and fulfil any special wishes you may have. We fulfil our promise to you with our flexible product lines, a broad spectrum of fittings and fixtures and an extensive range of accessories.

The ALUCA mobile gardening van

The VW-Crafter with four-wheel drive features a double cabin for personnel. Thanks to its long wheelbase, it offers plenty of space for the installation of a full racking system. We designed and realised this for our customer Gala-Bau (forestry, gardening and landscaping): with a power supply for a whole range of electric chain saws, long-reach telescopic tree loppers, strimmers, etc. that can be very conveniently and ergonomically stowed and are easily accessible when needed. 

The vehicle also offers ample space for working clothes and safety helmets and a workbench with tools and spare parts that allows on-the-spot repairs to be carried out when required.

ALUCA for world record breakers

Lightweight system on the way to a world record: the lightweight aluminium racking system from ALUCA assists the three young founders of the Swiss firm Peak Evolution in their attempt to climb the almost 7,000 metres to the summit of the world’s highest active volcano with a solar-powered all-terrain truck.

Weight-minimisation is a crucial factor for the success of their project: every gram saved brings their vehicle – which boasts an all-up weight of ten tonnes – closer to the world record. As sponsors of the project, we are proud to demonstrate our engagement for sustainability, e-mobility and entrepreneurial spirit. After the completion of a programme of test drives, the expedition will take to the road for the record attempt in September 2023.

ALUCA for lightweight van of the future

The concept of the ID. Buzz. Cargo von Volkswagen features zero local emissions, natural-leather-free upholstery and the partial use of recycled materials in its construction – for instance for the seat covers, the floor coverings and the roof liner. In this way, the fully-electric minivan harmonises numerous aspects of sustainability and comfort. 

With this next-generation van, the trades and craftsmen can ideally combine the benefits of low-cost electromobility with a generously-dimensioned loading compartment concept tailored to the specific needs of commercial enterprises.

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