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Our customers' goals vary widely.

Mobile service providers face constantly growing demands and an ever increasing number of challenges. We have been offering them ideal solutions based on lightweight aluminium vehicle racking systems and corresponding services for the past 30 years.

We realise every project with a passion for excellence and quality.

Service technicians, installers and other specialists can rely on us to install racking systems in their service vehicles that enable them to carry out their work as quickly and efficiently as possible. These systems guarantee a level of organisation and convenient accessibility that enables maximum value creation while offering the greatest possible safety and ergonomics for drivers and users.

Made-to-measure solutions for your fleet: how they pay off for you

Up to 50% lighter than comparable steel vehicle equipment. Reduces fuel consumption and vehicle wear.

Fast and smooth processes from a single source. ALUCA offers numerous services and solutions in addition to vehicle equipment.

ALUCA dimension2 minimizes frequent rearrangement in the vehicle with its second loading floor. The large drawers quickly bring to light what was previously stowed in the farthest corner.

The interior space of the vehicle is shifted outward to better utilize valuable cargo space. This reduces the vehicle's size.

A lifespan of 10 – 15 years for an ALUCA vehicle equipment is not uncommon. The equipment can be used across multiple vehicle cycles.

Our values - our promises


What we stand for - what benefits you


  • Long-established tradition - company founder Friedrich Beißwenger learned the skills of sheet metal working from the ground up. He expanded and transformed the originally manual-craftsmanship-oriented firm into a modern industrial enterprise in which traditional values such as reliability, enduring value, customer proximity and employee development are still held in high esteem. 
  • Pioneering spirit - ALUCA sets important milestones in the market through the further development of its innovative lightweight construction principles and works continually on the optimisation of payloads for end users. Further milestones have been set with numerous innovations and the establishment of a sales network covering Germany and the rest of Europe. 
  • Solutions-oriented - ALUCA offers a full-service portfolio for companies with vehicle fleets.
Vehicle racking systems manufactured completely from aluminium.


Why Aluminium?

  • Weight - aluminium is thee times lighter than steel and has a perfect strength-to-weight ratio. That is why aluminium is used for the most challenging tasks in transport and logistics, on the railways and in the aerospace sector. 
  • Corrosion - Aluminium is a highly resistant material on which exposure to the air forms a corrosion-resistant oxide layer on the bare metal shortly after manufacture. An ideal material for a long service life, even in tough and humid environments. 
  • High strength - The aluminium alloys used by ALUCA achieve a strength equivalent to that of construction steel, are twice as strong as fibre-reinforced plastic, four times stronger than thermoplastics and ten times stronger than plywood. 
  • Torsion - Typical torsion of the bodywork is absorbed by the firmly attached aluminium components and does not place a load on the attachment points on the vehicle body. This advantage contributes to the long service life of ALUCA products, especially on building sites and in off-road terrain.
One-stop services 


Our all-round carefree package for you

  • Customer-specific needs analysis and planning 
  • Coordination of services (including PDI) 
  • Special solutions and custom components 
  • Installation of mobile power supply units 
  • Installation of electronic accessories 
  • Retrofitting of special equipment 
  • Vehicle registration service 
  • Application of branding decals and reflective strips on vehicles 
  • Vehicle transfers under own power or by a logistics services provider 
  • Wheel and tyre service


Corporate Social Responsibility

Weight savings due to aluminum lead to reduced fuel consumption.

ALUCA vehicle equipment facilitates work processes and minimizes the risk of injury.

The risk of overloading is reduced thanks to lightweight vehicle equipment. Cargo securing is made easier.

ALUCA vehicle equipment has no painted surfaces and can be easily recycled.

A brief overview of the most important facts about ALUCA


Products made by ALUCA are manufactured exclusively in Germany at the company headquarters in Rosengarten. Many of ALUCA’s suppliers are located in the Schwäbisch Hall region, which offers outstanding framework conditions for businesses. In keeping with the goal of sustainability in its corporate actions, ALUCA attaches great importance to short transportation distances. In the selection of suppliers of raw materials, accessories and services, ALUCA relies almost exclusively on German market sources.

Market positioning 

ALUCA ranks among the leading manufacturers in the vehicle racking systems market and sees itself as a quality manufacturer. The product portfolio is being constantly developed and adapted to the ever changing demands of the market. ALUCA maintains its position in the market through stability and the long service life of its products. The most important asset at ALUCA is, however, its team of highly motivated and dedicated employees who play an invaluable role in the overall success of the company.


ALUCA employs its own sales advisors and also works hand-in-hand with independent specialist dealers. These national and international sales organisations offer not only professional product planning services, but also a full-service portfolio with installation, integration of accessories and a range of other services. Customers with nationally and internationally operating fleets are supported by a key account team that concentrates on the special needs of this target group.

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