Always safe on the road.

Does your load shift when you brake? No way! Accessories from ALUCA ensure that you, your vehicle and your payload get safely from A to B. Our product portfolio offers a wide range of components for securing loads and protecting your loading compartment. Legal requirements, standards and regulations are there to ensure your safety, and we at ALUCA do our bit. This includes our quality promise.

ALUCA stands for quality

  • in-house quality management 
  • painstaking final checks before every delivery 
  • independently checked and certified by TÜV Nord 
  • GS approved (tested safety) 
  • certified according to ISO 9001 
  • ‘Made in Germany’ quality seal

Load securing

Ensuring your safety underway is our prime concern. Nothing in your vehicle should be able to slip, fall or cause avoidable noise when you have to brake suddenly or carry out unexpected evasive action. Our load securing elements enable practical and above all safe stowage of your tools and equipment. Regardless of whether you are driving a car, a van or a pick-up truck. Straps, lashing rails and locking bars help you to quickly and easily secure your load. Window grilles between the load compartment and the vehicle cab protect the driver and passengers. We also offer special accessories for special needs: e.g. transport sets for the safe transport of gas bottles.

Loading compartment protection

Ensuring the safety of people is of course essential, but the protection of equipment, tools and the vehicle itself is also an important economic factor. ALUCA offers a wide range of load compartment fittings such as floor panels, rails and side panel cladding elements that protect the vehicle’s bodywork and floor against scratches and more serious damage. Loading compartment protection not only helps to preserve depreciation in the value of your vehicle. In general, the high-quality installations actually increase its resale value.


Sicherheit für den Menschen ist elementar, aber auch der Schutz der Geräte, Werkzeuge und des Fahrzeugs ist ein wichtiger Wirtschaftlichkeitsfaktor. ALUCA bietet eine Vielzahl an Laderaumausstattungen wie Bodenplatten, Schienen und Seitenwandverkleidungen, die die Fahrzeugkarosserie und den Fahrzeugboden vor Kratzern und größeren Beschädigungen schützen. Laderaumschutz hilft dabei nicht nur, den Fahrzeugwert zu erhalten. In der Regel erhöhen die hochwertigen Einbauten sogar den Wiederverkaufswert.

Always be on the safe side

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