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If all jobs were the same, there would be a standard solution for them all. You can have an off-the-shelf solution, or a perfectly tailored racking system with adjustable components from ALUCA. Every component we manufacutre is designed and constructed with a passion for perfection and practical utility in mind. In a wide range of sizes, flexibly combinable and adaptable. Horizontal and vertical. To ensure that your racking system is perfectly suited to your vehicle and your particular needs. A perfect fit in every respect. Even after replacing your vehicle it can be adapted. For all emergency and commercial makes and models.

Individually configurable

8 field widths
5 depths
48 heights
infinite options

Reasons for choosing System ALUCA

Low weight and high load bearing capacity

There is no better material than aluminium when it comes to the construction of vehicle racking systems. It is resistant to wear and corrosion and, above all, light. This means maximum payload.

Customisable and industry-specific

Regardless of the work at hand and your requirements - our ALUCA mobile storage system will become your mobile storage system. 

Optimised use of cargo space

1,725 possible combinations of field widths, heights and depths create the space you require for convenient access to everything you need onboard. Whether in a city van or a full size van.

Even higher loading capacity: ALUCA dimension2

The perfect addition: Underfloor system with drawers that can be subdivided as required and pulled out at the rear or side of the vehicle when the door is opened. 

Extensive range of accessories

The right accessories enable you to store more and use more. Over 1,000 articles to choose from. 

Elegant design

Looks matter, too. The timelessly elegant design of ALUCA aluminium components makes an outstanding impression. 

ALUCA dimension2 – the underfloor system for perfect use of space


Even more room for heavy cargo in your vehicle. The flexible, combinable high-capacity drawers with a full extension of 1.6 metres assure perfect organisation of content and at the  same time minimises the need for moving things around. Even if the vehicle is fully loaded everythig remains fully accessible at all times. All equipment, materials and spare parts can be ergonomically stowed away. Even in smaller commercially used vehicles such as estate cars, panel vans or pick-up trucks. Available in 4 field widths, 8 depths and with 7 different drawer heights. 


The advantages of an underfloor system:

  • Meticulously organised additional storage space while maintaining full use of the vehicle’s load bed
  • Maximum payload with minimal weight
  • Quicker access to contents and a better overview in the loading compartment
  • Ergonomic loading and unloading of items in the drawers outside the vehicle
  • Can be used in combination with the ALUCA system and supplemented with ALUCA accessories

Flexibly expandable

  • Drawers
    Case storage / case trays
    Case storage / case trays
  • Inset boxes
    Inset boxes
    Case clamping system
    Case clamping system
  • Plug-in divider sets
    Plug-in divider sets
  • Support frames
    Support frames
    Heavy-duty pull-outs
    Heavy-duty pull-outs
  • aluca-Storage trays
    Storage trays
    aluca-Side panel
    Side panel
  • aluca-Shelf and bottom flap
    Shelf and bottom flap
    aluca-Door element
    Door element
  • aluca-Tube holder
    Tube holder

Light, stable, perfectly manufactured


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